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I've been looking for something like this for a long time... Only I didn't know it! I've never seen anything like this offered in the past and I have to say it's a hype-free zone. In fact it's a totally free zone! I love it and you will too!

Jullieanne Matheson |
Whoever you are, whatever you're doing... STOP what you're doing right now and read this important announcement. It won't take long... because we've cut the hype completely and we're giving you the plain, honest facts.
Let's start with a few questions to web site owners :
"Are you still looking for traffic to your site?"
"Do you wish you could signup more new affiliates?"
"Would you like to continue to build your list?"
"Does the sound of increased revenue appeal to you?"
If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, do read on...
Now, a couple of questions for the rest of you :
"Have you seen membership sites that you'd like to join in the past but haven't because of the cost?"
"Do you wish you could gain access to these sites so you can try them out for yourself and see what's so good about them?"
"Would you like to benefit from the resources, downloads, information, lessons and opportunities available inside membership sites?"
"Does the sound of self-liquidating the normal monthly membership cost appeal to you?"
If you answered "Yes" to any of those questions, DO continue...
This is simply a unique membership site where you will never have to pay a cent in monthly fees. It was developed by a very clever programmer in Delhi, India, who has more than 10 years of internet marketing experience up his sleeve... He was looking for something that would appeal to many people online - just like yourself. You see it has massive appeal. You can physically try out paid membership sites for yourself through a free trial or free membership offer. Full, unrestricted access where you can do any of the following during that time:
Take a good look around,
Try out some of the tools,
See the fully fledged features of the system,
Check out the forum,
Speak to some members,
Listen to some conference calls,
Read a few ebooks,
Learn from tutorials,
Advertise your own opportunity,
And so very much more.
You can virtually think, act and experience the advantages of multiple fully paid memberships and see what it's like on the other side of the fence! "Is the grass really greener?"
At the end of the trial period, if you're impressed with the program, you can choose to remain subscribed and continue to be a valued paid member. Of course, we highly recommend that you promote your affiliate link for the program - so you can make your monthly membership fee become self-liquidating. (That means the payments come out of your commissions so it doesn't 'pinch the purse'.) Makes good business sense right?
Here's Your Opportunity To Find The PERFECT Membership Site That's Just Right For YOU!

Sometimes it takes time to find the right program for you... One that fills your particular needs and teaches you want you need to learn to become a success. One that provides you with content to add to your site that fits well with your target niche. You see, we're not all the same and we all have individual needs. This is where the power of comes into play...

We're not going to tell you that our staff has searched far and wide and worked hours and hours finding the best, hand-selected membership programs for you to try out... Why? Because we haven't! The concept of PaidMembershipBlowout is so simple and straightforward. Let me explain it for you in simple English.

How it works :
You signup for free by filling out the opt-in form below.
You confirm your account then login.
Grab your affiliate link and start promoting.
Once you refer one member, your account will be activated.
Once activated, you can start enjoying the full benefits of being a valued member and signup for any of the paid membership trials available to our members.
Ok, I can hear you asking "Where do the paid membership trials come from then?" I'll tell you...
Once you refer ten members, you can submit your own membership site trial or free pro membership to be offered to our members. The more referrals you get, the higher your program is listed in our members area! So it's our members that recommend the paid memberships to other members -- not the other way around.
Ten members... That's all. It's hardly a drop in the bucket if you own your own membership site and send an email out to your list is it? And it's certainly a lot cheaper than paying for your site to be submitted to affiliate directories (or even worse, submitting manually...).
Now do you have any questions at all? Let me answer them in advance for you :
Can I make money promoting with my affiliate link?
Yes, if you've referred ten members and you submit your own membership site for display in the member's area, your membership numbers will increase as our members join. [Let's face it, if you own a quality membership site, members will want to remain subscribed and you will make money.]
If one of the membership sites I signup to doesn't turn out to be right for me, how do I go about cancelling my subscription?
Follow the instructions given to you by the program through their support section or member's area. This usually includes cancelling the subscription at PayPal or the online payment program you used to signup with.
Is there a time limit for this free offer?
Not at all. We're not going anywhere and we plan to grow substantially over time.
Will I receive much email from becoming a member of this site?
Not from us. Unless we come across something that we think is worthwhile sharing with you. And you'd want to know about that right?
Let's get serious and talk about price now... There is no price to charge -- from us -- ever!
Where else can you receive so much value for NO outlay whatsoever?
That's right. We're Absolutely FREE, Zippo, Zilch, Nada, Not A Single Rupea!
Whether you're a membership site owner who wants to recruit more affiliates, or you're an internet marketer who wants to try out cool programs without paying anything up front -- is perfect for you. We truly mean it when we say. "You've got absolutely nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain and you'll never pay a single cent!"
Don't believe me? That's okay... Read what some of our members have to say about it then.
Simply Too Good To Pass Up!

I know a good thing when I see it and is no exception! Many times in the past, I've joined membership sites for a fee and cancelled before the first month was out - because it wasn't for me. But how was I to know until I joined?

This is a terrific way to try before you buy and as a membership site owner myself, I certainly intend to be promoting this so I can get my fair share of free exposure. At the [no] price they're asking here, you'd have to be crazy not to!

Eva Browne-Paterson |
So are you ready to join now? Is there a membership program that you'd like to join free and try out for yourself? I wonder if we have it inside for you to try out yet? ... If you don't find it inside our member's area, maybe you should drop the program owner a note with your affiliate link advising them of this great new program that will attract new affiliates to their membership site for free! It's very easy to promote and with mass appeal, you simply can't go wrong.
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Okay, We Confess -- It's ALL The Same Link!
Do enjoy your free membership to
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